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inflatable air dome

Manufacturing & Supplying Air Domes Since 1982

Alternatives To Traditional Buildings

Covair have supplied many domes to the David Lloyd group of leisure clubs over a number of years. There are currently 35 domes in operation around the UK, both seasonal and permanent. With this volume of sites involved it is crucial to have regular communication and a high level of support, which we have with Covair.


Julie Bingham, David Lloyd Clubs - Capex

Air Domes

Air Domes provide protection from bad weather that could otherwise prevent outdoor play. They are an ideal low-cost alternative to traditional building structures and projects can be completed in much shorter time frames.

Covair Structures are the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of air domes and have been enabling sport with covered play since our first dome was installed in 1982.

Years Experience
Dome Installations
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Covair have installed over a hundred air domes around the UK and Ireland. They can be seen at well-known places such as David Lloyd Leisure, Virgin Active, Premier League Football Clubs and many Other Sports Clubs, Schools and Universities. They are mainly used to cover football pitches, tennis courts and swimming pools but have also covered rugby training fields, cricket nets and even adventure golf courses.

Air Dome
Product Range

Covair currently have three products in our air dome range. These products range from lightweight single skin polyethylene domes which are ideal for seasonal use, to more robust double skin pvc domes which are resilient against various weather conditions.

Single Polyethlene Skin

Our entry level dome is 90% translucent which makes it exceptional for use with sunlight and existing floodlights. The life expectancy of the membrane is around 6-8 years and there is a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Single PVC Skin

Our mid level dome is a single PVC membrane dome without cables. These domes can be inflated to higher pressures and are suitable for extreme weather conditions. The life expectancy of the membrane is around 15-20 years and there is a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Double PVC Skin

Our top level dome consists of two membranes with an insulation void between them and no cables. Hanging LED lights are included, and heating/cooling is vastly improved due to the insulation void. The life expectancy of the membrane is around 35-40 years and there is a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee.