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inflatable air dome

Single Skin Covair Dome

Single Skin Air Domes

As the only UK manufacturer, Covair are the pioneers in seasonal air domes.

Our Single Skin Covair Air Domes are constructed from a translucent, polyethylene material with no additional supporting structure. The air dome is inflated by a continuous running fan that creates an internal pressure to keep the dome up.

An exterior cable network is used to provide stability against high winds and anchor the dome to the ground. 

Entrance is via a revolving door to prevent air loss and maintain the slight over pressure inside. An emergency access door can also be installed if required.

Single Skin Air Dome Features

The main features and advantages of a Single Skin Covair dome are:

  • The domes are manufactured to the exact measurements of each site and are installed by a team of experienced Covair engineers
  • The feeling inside is one of light and space due to the transparent membrane (approximately 90%)
  • If well maintained the membrane should last around 6 to 8 years, although the current record is over 15 years.
  • Due to the lightweight membrane, the domes can be dismantled and stored away by a small team in half a day and re-inflated in a full day, allowing the seasonal covering of courts with minimal fuss and expense
  • No additional lighting is required as existing court floodlights will shine through to enable night play
  • They are supplied without heating or lighting thus reducing the initial cost to less than half that of a PVC dome
  • Running costs are kept down to around £30 per week for the continuous running fan
  • An anemometer is provided and connected to a control panel that will automatically turn on a second fan to protect the dome in the case of high wind speeds. The second fan will also start automatically if there is a fault on the first fan

Single Skin Air Dome Requirements

Planning Permission

This is usually necessary although requirements vary between regions. We can put you in touch with planning professionals for assistance.

Concrete Ring Beam

A concrete beam around the perimeter of the courts is required to counterbalance the uplift forces of the dome.


Perimeter drainage may be required to carry rainwater away from the dome depending on the specific nature of the site.


A dedicated electric supply will need to be installed to the fan control panel. Usually a 32 Amp single phase supply is sufficient.

Enabling Works

Concrete pads for doors and machinery, fence alterations for access, pathways, lighting and other considerations depending on the site. 

Summer Storage

In summer the dome can be folded away neatly and stored. A shed is recommended for storing the membrane and components.

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