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inflatable air dome

Single Skin PVC Air Dome

Single Skin PVC Air Dome

Covair Single Skin PVC Air Domes are constructed from a stronger (900g/m2) PVC membrane and run at higher pressures than the entry level polyethylene Covair domes. This makes the dome more robust and able to withstand much higher wind forces, without the need for a supporting cable network. The more advanced ventilation equipment includes heating which protects the dome against heavy snowfall.

The PVC membrane is translucent so there is no need for any additional lighting during daylight hours. The thickness of the membrane reduces the effectiveness of any existing floodlights so the domes are provided with internal LED lights for night play.

Although the PVC is heavier, the membrane is made up of separate sections that still make it suitable for seasonal dismantling and re-inflation.

Single Skin PVC Air Dome Features

The main features and advantages of a Covair Single Skin PVC air dome are:

Single Skin PVC Air Dome Requirements

Planning Permission

This is usually required due to the height of the dome. Covair can put you in touch with experienced planning professionals for assistance.

Concrete Ring Beam

A concrete beam around the perimeter of the courts is required to counterbalance the uplift forces of the dome. 


Perimeter drainage may be required to carry rainwater away from the dome depending on the specific nature of the site


A dedicated electric supply will need to be installed to the ventilation equipment. Usually an 80 Amp three phase supply is sufficient.

Enabling Works

Concrete pads for doors and machinery, fence alterations for access, pathways, lighting and other considerations may be required. 

Summer Storage

In summer the dome can be folded away neatly on trolleys and removed from the courts. A storage shed can be provided to protect the components.

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