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inflatable air dome

Double Skin Pvc Air Dome

Double Skin PVC Air Domes

Double Skin PVC Air Domes are the industry leading air dome and are robust enough to endure storm force winds. Covair work with DUOL, the global leader in air supported structures, to make this innovative product available to our customers.

The main membrane is manufactured from two layers of fire-retardant polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides and welded together in vertical panels. The air between the two membranes creates an insulation barrier that improves heating and cooling efficiencies. A variety of designs are possible with reduced or even no thermal bridging between the membranes

As with any dome, a Double Skin PVC Dome is supported solely by a continuous running fan creating an internal over-pressure and has no additional supporting structure. Entrance is via a revolving door to prevent air loss and maintain the slight over pressure inside. Emergency, pedestrian or tunnel doors can also be installed if required.

These domes have been installed all over the world in a variety of challenging and extreme environments including Siberia, Iceland and the Middle East. Covair/DUOL are a trusted air dome partner to many global sporting organisations and have previously worked with, and installed, football air domes for Manchester City, Watford, Cardiff City, Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday, QPR, Bolton Wanderers and others.

Double Skin PVC Air Dome Features

The main features and advantages of a Covair double skin PVC air dome are:

  • The domes are manufactured to the exact measurements of each site and are installed by a team of experienced Covair engineers
  • The domes are designed without external cables that can hold snow or trap dirt and cause wear on the membrane
  • The internal LED lights consume substantially less power of than traditional lighting and are included as standard
  • A burner is supplied to provide heating to warm the air inside and melt snow outside to protect the dome
  • The double membrane design provides insulation to conserve heat in the winter and keep cooler than a single membrane in the summer as well as avoiding condensation
  • The translucent membrane has a 15-year warranty and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years
  • Fabric colours can be chosen for individual needs and logos or advertising can be added on the outside
  • These domes can cover vast areas - the current record stands at 142m x 92m x 26m
  • There are no supporting structures or frames inside the dome which makes the utilisation of space very efficient and enables several types of design options, providing greater flexibility
  • These air domes are ideal for permanent use and are significantly cheaper than traditional structures, also requiring less site preparation
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Double Skin PVC Air Dome Requirements

Planning Permission

This is usually required due to the height of the dome. Covair can put you in touch with experienced planning professionals for assistance.

Concrete Ring Beam

A concrete beam around the perimeter of the area is required to counterbalance the uplift forces of the dome.


Perimeter drainage may be required to carry rainwater away from the dome depending on the specific nature of the site.


An 80 Amp 3-phase dedicated electric supply will need to be installed to the ventilation equipment. A range of fuel options are available for heating.

Enabling Works

Concrete pads for doors and machinery, fence alterations for access, pathways, lighting and other considerations may be required.

Summer Storage

A suitable area is required close to the dome for a summer storage shed and trolleys if the dome is to be used seasonally.

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