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inflatable air dome

Air Dome Applications

Air Dome Applications

Covair provide a full air dome service which includes, but is not limited to, an initial consultation, bespoke air dome design, air dome production, dome installation and maintenance and support services as required.

We have been the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of air domes for over 35 years and have installed air domes for a variety of different applications. Here are some applications to inspire you:

Sports Applications

Extend your playing season into the winter in a cost-effective and flexible way by covering outdoor sporting areas. We’ve installed air domes that cover a range of pitches including football, tennis, swimming pools, hockey, golf, basketball and beach volleyball!

Educational Applications

Increase revenue by utilising outdoor space more efficiently at schools, colleges and universities. Covair can design, manufacture and install bespoke air domes that enable your organisation to increase capacity utilisation and generate more revenue from after-hour activities.

Commercial Applications

Reduce running costs by utilising outdoor spaces with air domes, instead of investing in permanent building structures. Covair air domes are cheaper to manufacture and install than buildings and ongoing costs are reduced with efficient heating and lighting systems.

Looking to expand a business? Covair air domes can be fixed to permanent structures in a variety of ways, resulting in larger facilities from a simple installation process with minimal disruption.

Agricultural Applications

Improve harvests and control your growing environment by utilising air domes. Covair air domes ensure structural stability, offer excellent thermal insulation and are extremely strong and flexible.

Also available are automatic pressure regulation systems, double fan systems, improved modulating systems (saving up to 50%), efficient heat exchangers, high efficiency condensing units (up to 105% efficiency), full automation systems, and LED luminaries for a high-intensity light source with the best possible heat dissipation and lifespan.

Other Applications