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inflatable air dome

3 products with endless applications

The fact it takes the weather out of the game means kids can get out there and play all hours of the day which is a great thing. It's probably something we need more of up and down the country.

Jamie Murray

Air Domes Overview

Covair supply 3 types of air domes suitable for almost any application.

Our entry level dome is the Single Skin Polyethylene Air Dome which offers 90% translucency, making it perfect for use with sunlight and existing floodlights.

Our medium tier dome is the Single Skin PVC Air Dome which is translucent enough for daytime play in sunlight, but supplied with internal LED lights and heating for night time play.

Our top tier dome is the Duol Double Skin PVC Air Dome which consists of two membranes, insulation, LED lights, heating/cooling and more. It is the global leader in air dome products.

What is an air dome?

An air dome is an inflatable structure which is coated in specialist fabrics and anchored to the ground to cover an area of land.

Air domes are widely used for sporting applications (eg: cover a football pitch) but they are also commonly used for military (eg: storage units) or agricultural (eg: indoor grows) applications.

Air Domes are an ideal low-cost alternative to permanent building structures and projects can be completed in much shorter timeframes.

The life expectancy of an air dome ranges from 6 years for a single polyethylene skin, to 40 years for a double PVC skin. A manufacturers guarantee is provided on all Covair air domes.

Single Polyethylene Skin Double PVC Skin
raynes park single polyethylene skin dome

Single Skin Covair

The Single Skin Covair dome is our entry level dome. This is 90% translucent, which makes use of sunlight and existing floodlights.

The lightweight nature of the dome makes it very easy to dismantle, store and re-inflate seasonally.

The life expectancy of the membrane is around 6-8 years and there is a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Single Skin PVC

Covair have developed a single PVC membrane dome without cables by using a stronger type 2 PVC material (900gr/m2). These domes can be inflated to higher pressures than the Covair polyethylene versions and therefore, can withstand higher winds and snow loading without needing to deflate.

The membrane is translucent enough for daytime play in sunlight and internal LED lights are used at night. The thicker membrane also makes heating a possibility but is not too heavy for seasonal storage, which would be recommended as the dome will get hot in the summer.

The life expectancy of the membrane is around 15-20 years and there is a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

IMG 20191004 170640
double pvc skin overview
Double Skin PVC

The best option available is a true double skin dome that consists of two membranes with an insulation void between them and no cables.

Hanging LED lights are included, and heating/cooling is vastly improved due to the insulation void. Seasonal use is possible, although is labour and plant intensive. These innovative industry leading domes are recommended for year-round use.

The life expectancy of the membrane is around 35-40 years and there is a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee.