COVAIR SINGLE SKIN DOME PRICES                                            

New Installations:

Covair Single Skin air domes can be manufactured to suit individual size and usage requirements.

The following sizes and pricing are for guidance only and all prices are subject to VAT.

Tennis Court Size Approximate Dimensions Complete Dome and Installation Prices starting from:
Single court 18m x 36.5m x 8m £40,000
Two court 33.5m x 36.5m x 9m £50,000
Three court 48.5m x 36.5m x 9m £60,000
Four court 64m x 36.5m x 9m £70,000


The complete dome price includes the membrane, steel cable network and anchor fittings, one revolving door and two fans with control panel and anemometer. Installation includes deliveries, a full Covair team and electrical connections between the control panel and fans. Prices will vary depending on site specific requirements and location.

Optional Extras:

Concrete ring beam:

A ring beam is required for the dome to be anchored into. Covair can arrange these works for you or work with your preferred ground contractor. Prices range from approximately £15,000 to £25,000 depending on the size required. There may be additional costs for other groundworks such as concrete pads, drainage and fencing depending on the site.

Storage Shed and Trolley:

Covair domes can be dismantled and folded onto a trolley for seasonal storage. A concrete pad is required, adjoining the ring beam at the same level, to enable the trolley with the folded dome to be rolled off court for the summer. The trolley should then be covered at least with a solar proof tarpaulin, or preferably a steel shed which can also house the cables, fans and electrics. A storage shed with a concrete pad and trolley will cost around £5,000 to £8,000 depending on the size required.

Emergency/disabled access door:

If required by planning, or for wheelchair, machinery and equipment access, a steel emergency/disabled access door can be fitted alongside the revolving door.

Backup generator:

An auto-start backup generator is available to combat power cuts by continuing to run the fans.

Dismantling and Re-inflation:

Covair can provide a team to dismantle your dome for the summer months and re-inflate again in the Autumn. The costs vary with location and dome size but are approximately £1,000 – £1,500 for dismantling and £1,500 – £2,000 for re-inflating. Over time, we can train your own team to complete these operations if preferred.

Terms:  35% deposit due to commence manufacturing. Groundworks balance due upon on completion. Remaining contract balance due upon installation.

Delivery:  6 – 8 weeks from receipt of deposit but potentially longer for installations between September and November.

Replacement Membranes:

Replacement membranes are normally required after six to eight years, although there have been examples of domes lasting much longer.

The following pricing is for guidance only and all prices are subject to VAT.

Tennis Court Size Replacement Membrane (6-8 years) Replacement Cables (10-15 years) Replacement Fans (3-4 years)
Single court £10,500 £3,000 £450 each
Two courts £15,000 £4,000 £450 each
Three courts £17,500 £7,000 £450 each
Four courts £22,000 £9,000 £450 each

Installation costs including deliveries, distance and accommodation will be charged in addition, dependent on location.