Pool Domes Product Info

Benefits of a Covair Pool Dome

Swim in comfort.

With a Pool Dome such as this one, you would be able to swim in warmth and comfort all year round. The air dome protects swimmers from the elements, allowing use of your pool when it’s convenient to you, not the time of year or weather! See more pictures.

Planning Consent and Building Regulations

If your Pool Dome is not more than 3 metres in height, does not cover more than one third of the garden and is for private use only, planning permission is not normally required.

Pool Dome Foundations

The foundation required is approximately 230mm x 230mm (9″ x 9″) (or equivalent mass) either flush with the paved surround or immediately below the paved surround. A solid concrete base surrounding the pool approximately 3″-4″ thick will suffice.

Pool Dome Inflation Equipment

A 250mm centrifugal fan is housed in a glass-fibre cabinet which is positioned anywhere on the perimeter of the enclosure, but not too close to the door. The 240 volt single phase motor is 1/3 horse power running at approximately 5 amps. The cabinet is 600mm wide and  protrudes from the dome by 1 metre.

Access to Pool Domes

Access to the enclosure for domestic applications is by means of a ‘slit’ door with a braced flap door attached internally. The door is held closed by the internal pressure and is secured by toggles when not in use. The position of the door is ideally in the centre of one of the ends but can be positioned elsewhere except within 3 meters of the corners.

Larger commercial pool domes would require a steel cable network and revolving door as with tennis domes.

Pool Dome Installation and Dismantling

The initial installation will take approx. 5-6 hours but once installed it can be dismantled easily within 1½ hours by two people. There are no protruding fixings once dismantled.

Foundations and electricity supply to the fan must be provided by the customer.