Double Skin Domes Product Info

What is a Cable Dome?

A Cable Dome is a permanent or temporary structure, consisting of a PVC membrane strengthened by steel cables and inflated by a continuous running fan. It is like a bubble on the surface of water in the way that it is held up entirely by the air pressure inside it. In the case of a Cable Dome, a membrane with a net of steel cables for strength is placed over the area to be covered and then inflated by a fan that must remain running. There are no supporting structures.

Entry to the Cable Dome is via a revolving door or a set of double airlock doors. This type of structure therefore has many advantages and can be used for many purposes ranging from tennis to business fairs to storage. Domes can be linked together to, for example, suit a particular tennis court layout.

Cable Domes International Ltd. are able to supply conventional Air or Cable Domes to cover existing tennis courts or can supply a design and build package for a green field site. A clubhouse can be linked to a dome to provide an attractive viewing window.

Main Membrane

The main membrane is manufactured from a Polyester fabric coated with PVC on both sides. It can be coloured green up to a height of three to four metres for good ball visibility with a translucent white fabric on the roof area to let in maximum natural light.

Thermal Insulation

A 10mm thick translucent layer of Polyurethane insulation is placed on top of the main membrane to provide an efficient thermal barrier to keep in heat and conserve energy.

Protective Foil

A thin Polyurethane foil is placed on top of the insulation layer to provide protection for the main membrane against the steel cables, atmospheric pollution and dirt. This can be changed when dirty every 3 – 4 years at a minimal cost to ensure maximum daylight passes through.

Steel Cable-Net

A net of galvanised steel rope is laid on the sandwich of membranes providing a strong cover that moulds the shape of the inflated membranes and takes up most of the stresses.

What will you use a Cable Dome for?

Tennis Courts | Golf Academies | Bowling Greens | Swimming Pools

Football Grounds | Leisure Complexes | Military Installations | Manufacturing Areas

Warehousing | Water Treatment Plants

A Cable Dome can be designed to cover areas large or small. It provides protection from the elements in the winter months, and can be taken down or left up for the summer, providing all year usage of the area covered. The UK is notorious for its unpredictable weather, so a building that can be erected for the winter and dismantled for the summer is the ideal solution. However, leaving it up all year would maximize usage.