Double Skin Domes Product Info

Covair Structures are the only UK manufacturer of air supported domes and have been enabling sport with covered play since our first dome was installed in 1984.

Air domes are an ideal low-cost alternative to permanent buildings and projects can be completed in much shorter timeframes.

Covair have installed over a hundred air domes around the UK and Ireland. They can be seen at well-known places such as David Lloyd Leisure, Virgin Active, Premier League Football Clubs and many other sports clubs, schools and universities. They are mainly used to cover football pitches, tennis courts and swimming pools but have also covered rugby training fields, cricket nets and even adventure golf courses.

Covair/DUOL have previously worked with and installed football air domes for Manchester City, Watford, Cardiff City, Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday, QPR and Bolton Wanderers amongst others.

Double Skin PVC Domes are the top of our Air Dome Range and are robust enough to endure storm force winds. Covair work with DUOL, the global leader in air supported structures. These domes have been installed all over the world in a variety of challenging and extreme environments including Siberia, Iceland and the Middle East.

The main membrane is manufactured from two layers of fire-retardant polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides and welded together in vertical panels. The air in between the membranes creates an insulation barrier that improves heating and cooling efficiencies. As with any dome, a Double Skin PVC Dome is supported solely by a continuous running fan creating an internal over-pressure and has no additional supporting structure. Entrance is via a revolving door to prevent air loss and maintain the slight over pressure inside. An emergency door can also be installed if required.

What will you use a Double Skin Dome for?

Tennis Courts | Golf Academies | Bowling Greens | Swimming Pools

Football Pitches | Leisure Complexes | Military Installations | Manufacturing Areas

Warehousing | Water Treatment Plants