Double Skin Domes Product Info

What is a Double Skin Dome?

A double skin dome is a permanent or temporary structure, consisting of two PVC membranes with an insulation void in between. The inner membrane is inflated by a continuous running fan. It is like a bubble on the surface of water in the way that it is held up entirely by the air pressure inside it. There are no supporting structures inside the dome.

Entry to the double skin dome is via a revolving door or a set of double airlock doors. This type of structure therefore has many advantages and can be used for many purposes ranging from sports such as football and tennis to business fairs to storage. A double skin dome can be designed to cover areas large or small. It provides protection from the elements in the winter months, and can be taken down or left up for the summer, providing all year usage of the area covered.

Covair are the exclusive UK representatives of DUOL, who have installed over 1000 structures in 40 different countries over the past 25 years.  Solutions have been found for all weather and climate conditions from Dubai to Siberia. It is also possible to have changing rooms, spectator stands, offices and so on inside a double skin dome.

Main Membrane

The main membrane is manufactured from a Polyester fabric coated with PVC on both sides. It can be coloured green or blue up to a height of three to four metres for good ball visibility with a translucent white fabric on the roof area to let in maximum natural light for daytime play without lights. Interior LED lights are supplied for play after dark.

Thermal Insulation

The insulation void between the two membranes improves heating and cooling efficiencies.

What will you use a Double Skin Dome for?

Tennis Courts | Golf Academies | Bowling Greens | Swimming Pools

Football Pitches | Leisure Complexes | Military Installations | Manufacturing Areas

Warehousing | Water Treatment Plants