Double Skin Domes Prices

COVAIR DOUBLE SKIN PVC DOME PRICES                                            

New Installations:

Covair Double Skin PVC Air Domes can be manufactured to suit individual size and usage requirements.

The following sizes and prices are for guidance only and all prices are subject to VAT and may vary with fluctuations in the Euro exchange rate.

Tennis Domes Approximate Dimensions Air Dome, Delivery and Installation starting from
Single Court 18m x 36.5m x 8m £100,000
Two Courts 33.5m x 36.5m x 9m £130,000
Three Courts 48.5m x 36.5m x 9m £170,000
Four Courts 64m x 36.5m x 9m £210,000
Football Domes
Half pitch 40m x 60m x 10m £215,000
3/4 pitch 50m x 90m x 15m £450,000
Full pitch 70m x 110m x 18m £660,000

The Air Dome price includes the double skin membrane, revolving and emergency doors, ventilation equipment (with an anemometer, snow sensor and automatic pressure regulation), heating and LED lights. Installation includes deliveries, Covair/DUOL engineers, electrical connections to the dome and commissioning of the burner. Prices will vary depending on site specific requirements and location.

Optional Extras:

Concrete ring beam/ground anchors:

Covair can arrange these works for you or work with your preferred ground contractor. Prices vary depending on the size required and there may be additional costs for other ground works such as concrete pads, drainage and fencing depending on the site.

Double Airlock Tunnel:

A double airlock door is available comprising a pair of doors at each end of a tunnel. This is useful for wheelchair, plant and machinery access. Different sizes are available.

Emergency Exit Door:

Additional emergency doors, fitted with viewing panels, can be provided depending on the size of the air dome and local authority requirements.

Dome Manager:

A dome management system can be installed that provides a remote supervision, automation and control solution. Technical data and alarms are sent via a cloud based app and SMS.

Storage Shed and Trolleys:

If the dome is to be used seasonally then a storage shed with a concrete pad and trolley(s) can be provided.

Changing rooms, rest-rooms, shops or workshops.

Tiered seating either at the side or above changing rooms.

Dividing nets or curtains to separate courts and different sports.

Mezzanine floors for spectator viewing or offices.

Payment Terms
35% with order, ground works on completion, with balance due on day of installation/delivery.

Normally 10 – 12 weeks from receipt of official order with deposit, however this depends on the time of year.

Manufacturers Warranty
15 years on membrane, 2 years on mechanical and 1 year on electrical parts.