Two of Covairs airdomes

Suppliers of single and double skin inflatable dome structures throughout the UK

Covair Structures Limited are one of the leading suppliers of single and double skin inflatable dome structures in the UK with over 100 completed projects.

A Covair Dome is an ingenious inflatable dome structure that is supported only by air from a continuous running electric fan. Our inflatable dome structures require no supporting structure of any kind.

A Covair Dome is suitable for many different uses, including tennis, basketball, bowls, football, mini-golf, athletics, general school sports halls, swimming pools and many commercial storage or manufacturing applications.

Benefits of a single skin inflatable dome structure

  • Low initial cost, low running cost
  • Lightweight design is easily dismantled and stored for summer months
  • Existing floodlights shine through translucent membrane for night play


Benefits of a double skin inflatable dome structure

  • Supplied with internal LED lights and heating
  • Insulation void between the two membranes improves heating and cooling
  • Robust long lasting membrane with 15 years guarantee and 30-40 year life expectancy
  • Can cover any size, including a full size football pitch


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