Two of Covairs airdomes

Suppliers of single and double skin inflatable dome structures throughout the UK

A Covair Dome is an ingenious inflatable dome structure that is supported only by air from a continuous running electric fan. Our inflatable dome structures require no supporting structure of any kind.

A Covair Dome is suitable for many different uses, including tennis, basketball, bowls, football, mini-golf, athletics, general school sports halls, swimming pools and many commercial storage or manufacturing applications. These can be purchased from Covair Structures Limited – one of the leading suppliers of single and double skin inflatable dome structures in the UK.

Benefits of a single skin inflatable dome structure

  • Low initial cost, low running cost
  • Easily dismantled for summer months
  • Existing floodlight shines through


Benefits of a double skin inflatable dome structure

  • Supplied with internal lights & heating
  • Robust long lasting membrane
  • Can cover a full size football pitch

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